Making AI Reliable and Safe

At Anyverse we aim to make the training and testing of autonomous systems cost-effective, faster and more accurate by providing high quality computer-generated datasets and customizable solutions.

Anyverse’s massive computer-generated datasets offer the speed, scalability, and photorealistic visual quality needed by Machine Learning, Perception and Simulation teams to rapidly progress to high-confidence artificial intelligence models. Anyverse allows you to simulate reality at a much lower cost and with higher customization and complexity than is practical with other approaches. The perfect fit for robotics testing and validation, as well as self-driving, and drive-assist (ADAS) system training. 

Our difference

High Quality Rendering

Game engine rendering does not accurately mirror real-world images. Anyverse does! It uses a physically-based spectral unbiased renderer to give you photorealistic visual quality and an accurate representation of the environment.

Faster Results | Lower Cost

Speed up your AI training and testing by adding Anyverse’s datasets to your pipeline. Millions of virtual miles can be covered in a fraction of the time and cost, guaranteeing a competitive advantage over teams relying exclusively on real-world datasets.

Safety & Robustness

Anyverse is the agile solution you need to make your autonomous system safer and more reliable. Test any scenario you like, including corner cases rarely occurring in real life. Ensure your self-driving car  is prepared for any potentially critical situation.

Flexible Custom Solutions

The best part – we do the work for you! No need to master complex software. As a Data-as-a-Service solution, Anyverse offers you highly scalable machine-generated synthetic datasets that suit your specific needs.

Key features

Customizable Realistic Scenarios

Specify not just the road layout with all its elements like traffic lights, lanes, signs, but also the surroundings. Make sure to incorporate pedestrians with their sometimes unpredictable behavior that can be precarious for AV development. All elements mirror reality and are physically-accurate.

Corner Cases

Risk management is key! Test scenarios with unsafe behavior, natural disasters or unexpected situations such as uncommon objects on the road. Include potentially precarious actions by pedestrians or other vehicles in your deep learning.

Accurate Annotations

With Anyverse you get automatic ground-truth annotations that leave no margin for error. Semantic, boundary and instance segmentation masks are available for all scene objects and customizable to your own formats.

Weather Control

Control numerous environment settings and atmospheric effects to prepare your autonomous vehicle for dazzling light and fog, wet or icy roads.

Lighting Variations

In no time, obtain numerous variations of natural and artificial lights. Ensure more robust AI models for self-driving cars with confusing light reflections, blinding effects or reduced lighting at night.

Cloud Scalability

Anyverse can be deployed in a cloud environment to scale the solution to an arbitrary number of nodes working in parallel. Million-images datasets are achievable.

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