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5 ANYVERSE takeaways on the AI World in 2018


Oh, what a year it's been!

2018 felt like a rolling stone, and at Anyverse we kept on rolling, learning and molding our view of artificial intelligence, robotics, and the autonomous systems all around. Here are our TOP 5 thoughts on the fascinating world of AI:


Perception-based robotics are not just the future, they are the present. Having a Rumba cleaning at home is only one example of the common application of robotics in our lives here and now. Look up and you might see a drone, and if you start counting all the “hidden” AI, the list will be endless. No wonder high-tech companies and innovative startups alike are racing to get to an advanced AI state of the world as we know it. This race gives us an adrenaline rush!

2. But a SLOW one

There is so much more left to do in all aspects of technology design, testing, and production. So many psychological, environmental and socio-economic factors to take into account. Just looking at visual perception in robotics, we see so many opportunity gaps. Opportunity for exploration, growth and finally some fine-tuning to make perception-based robotics as close as possible to humans or even “superhuman”.

3. It keeps you ON YOUR TOES

Since perception-based robotics are still at the development stage, they also change. All. The. Time. If you think you’ve got it all figured out, you are fooling yourself. And in a way that’s the fun of it. We know our technology is top-notch, and we see how it perfectly fits our clients and so many more out there. But if you don’t listen and keeps your eyes wide open, you will be left alone with your technology. The good thing is that more developments also mean more opportunities if you know how to adapt.

4. Connects you to some OUTSTANDING PEOPLE

From clients to partner universities to random brilliant minds you meet at conferences, people from the industry never cease to amaze us. We make it a priority to attend various events where we don’t just exhibit our brand but also keep the conversation going because you never know where it will take you. To keep talking in 2019 we already have the agenda filled with some exciting AI gatherings – AUVSI Xponential in Chicago, Global Robot Expo in Madrid, Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart and Novi. Get in touch if you’re attending and let’s have a chat!

5. And reconnects you with YOUR OWN

In Spanish, there is an expression that goes “You don’t need a grandma” (“No necesitas abuela”) used when you boast about yourself. It might apply when we say – no one like our team! What a privilege and joy to work with such amazing people. You can search for extraordinary talent all over the world but how lucky you are to look to your left and to your right and find it right there. We don’t know if we are the best but we certainly aim to be!

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