Accelerate AV & ADAS development with hyperspectral synthetic data

Train, test, and validate in a fraction of the time and cost you would invest using real-world footage.
Anyverse™ enables the generation of any scenario with pixel-accurate synthetic data and ground truth.

Deploy trustworthy
autonomous driving systems

Build trustworthy autonomous driving and drive-assist systems to meet US and EU regulations. Our modular platform allows you to model any environment, and programmatically add high-quality vehicles and pedestrians to follow specific behaviors, and ultimately eliminate bias and make your AI more robust.

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Recreate extreme scenes difficult
to find in the real world

Anyverse™ allows you to recreate any corner case – extreme situations, no matter how implausible they may be: 

With Anyverse™ you can generate the data you need for wide range of autonomous vehicles and ADAS capabilities


The platform to control the entire data generation process


Hyperspectral accuracy to simulate any terrain.

Faithfull sensor simulation

Simulate the specific sensors your system is using in the real world (cameras, LiDAR, and more).

Modular platform

Flexibility to build your data generation ecosystem.

Control of variability

Variability to avoid bias in your system.

Cloud scalability

In data generation.

Rich ground-truth data

Perfect annotations, depth, segmentation, and more.

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