Computer graphics software engineer

Spain [remote]

Our rendering team is looking for a software engineer to help build a USD (Universal Scene Description) and MDL (Material Definition Language) connectors for our Hyperspectral Physically Based Path Tracing render. This position requires a good understanding of computer graphics and ability to collaborate with the rendering team

Specific job requirements:

  • Develop connectors that will allow our render to understand the USD and MDL formats
  • Work on the Open-Source USD initiatives to recommend and implement features missing in the standard
  • Work with other engineering teams in the company that work around USD and MDL and help define good practiques for USD and MDL management

Required knowledge and experience requirements:

  • Previous experience and/or knowledge in C++
  • Knowledge on how to work with APIs and SDKs
  • Knowledge of 3D scenes and materials concepts
  • Previous experience and/or knowledge of 3D applications (e.g., Maya, Houdini)

  • Computer graphics specific math skills (trigonometry, calculus and linear algebra)

  • Path tracing rendering techniques

  • Previous experience in scene description and material formats

What you’ll get in return…

We pride ourselves on providing a positive and motivating environment for our employees. We want you to grow as a professional by giving you development options and a competitive salary. We foster an environment of diversity; we do not discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, color, gender, etc. We value creativity, effort and passion for work. If you’re creative and autonomous with a real passion for technology, we want to hear from you!

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