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Learn everything you need to know about accurate Physically-based sensor simulation to train, test, and validate your computer perception deep learning model and start shortening development lifecycles with this free eBook!

The Camera Sensor Simulation eBook helps you answer question like:

The right sensor choice.

Is this the right sensor to maximize my AI computer vision model’s performance?

Sensor configurations.

How does my model behave to different sensor configurations?

Physics matters.

Why reproducing the physics of light accurately is a game-changing addition to my data?

Development lifecycles.

How can sensor simulation help to shorten my perception system’s development lifecycles?

Because testing sensors in the real world is not easy…

As a perception system developer, we know you know that sensors are key to your model’s performance.

Save time and costs simulating and testing different sensors and configurations

But making the right decision means rigging a car with cameras, driving thousands of miles, curating the images and labeling them, training and validate your deep learning models… And sometimes, not having enough variability in the images to avoid bias in the system…

Being able to simulate and test different sensors and configurations would make your life easier, wouldn’t it?

Camera Sensor Simulation

The fast track to run experiments with reliable data

Accurate rendering technology

Technology that treats light as an electromagnetic wave to do an accurate sensor simulation.

Optical system

Simulate extreme optics distortion and the effects caused by the camera lens.

Imaging sensor

Simulate all the processes that are happening inside the imaging sensor.

Image processor

Understand how the RAW data is converted into a color image.

“Companies developing new generation perception systems need to know how sensitive their deep learning perception models are to different sensors and configurations, to make the right decisions fast. They need an agile and cost-effective way to run dozens or hundreds of experiments with reliable data.”
Víctor González
Founder & CEO
"Simulating what happens inside a camera to generate data that matches your exact model is now possible! We replicate specific camera sensors and ISPs, according to your parameters so we can implement your model and replicate the sensors perfectly."
Ángel Tena

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