Deploy reliable in-cabin monitoring systems with synthetic data

Avoid privacy issues, customize variability, and craft pixel-accurate synthetic data to train and validate your DMS & OMS

Synthetic data makes it possible to train your system compliantly and efficiently

Developing DMS/OMS with real-world data is inefficient, expensive, and in many cases, impossible… Synthetic data allows you to generate data impossible to find in the real world, overcome privacy issues, and control your scene variability. But all synthetic data are not created equal, Anyverse Platform generates pixel-accurate data with ground truth, and perfect annotations to develop a human-safe trustworthy AI capable of understanding and interpreting the real world is going to face.

Comprehensive solution for each interior monitoring case

Different use cases require completely different setups of data to overcome their individual challenges. Anyverse offers you a comprehensive solution to generate all the images and data you need to develop a consistent AI and avoid dealing with worldwide privacy regulations.

Driver monitoring

Occupants monitoring

Children monitoring

Advantages of developing your in-cabin monitoring system with Anyverse


The platform to control the entire data generation process


Hyperspectral accuracy to simulate any terrain

Faithfull sensor simulation

Simulate the specific sensors your system is using in the real world (cameras, LiDAR, and more).

Modular platform

Flexibility to build your data generation ecosystem.

Control of variability

Variability to avoid bias in your system.

Cloud scalability

In data generation.

Rich ground-truth data

Perfect annotations, depth, segmentation, and more.

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