Anyverse launches its hyperspectral synthetic data platform for advanced perception systems

Anyverse™ is the new hyperspectral synthetic data platform that lands as the only solution to gather all the data developers require to build Euro NCAP compliant in-cabin monitoring systems cost and resource efficiently, as well as accelerating AV & ADAS development.

Anyverse and Cron AI join forces to improve LiDAR simulation accuracy

Anyverse announced today its collaboration with Cron AI, the cutting-edge 3D data perception platform for autonomous machines. Cron AI selected Anyverse hyperspectral synthetic data generation platform to provide the most accurate LiDAR synthetic data and ensure consistent neural network training on all possible corner cases that real-world data may have missed.

How Intel enhanced photorealism using machine learning techniques

Enhancing photorealism has obsessed the computer graphics world for years which has allowed us to see numerous papers, experiments, and even tricks to improve it in recent times. Some of them achieved remarkable results, as Intel Labs did with its machine learning project Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement.

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