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ANYVERSE raises €3M in first round of investment | South Summit 2020 Startup Competition


Anyverse™ Raises €3M in first round of investment

Full Press Release available in English and Spanish.
We have some happy news to share! We have recently received our first round of financing led by two Spanish venture capital companies with deep-tech portfolios – Bullnet Capital and Inveready.

The funding will help us accomplish our mission – to shorten the production cycle in advanced perception systems for robotics, autonomous vehicles, UAVs, and smart cameras among others.

With an expanding range of AI applications, more and more companies seek continuous acquisition of ground-truth data to train and test their models. System developers are challenged by the almost infinite variability and edge scenarios required, far beyond what is possible to capture in the real world. Simulated data is an alternative but it generally struggles to match real sensor specifications.

Anyverse™’s unparalleled approach to synthetic data does not involve any gaming technology commonly used by others. Instead, it employs a proprietary render engine with photometric-accurate light simulation to produce a reliable output. Its software solutions give users full control over sensor specs, scenario dynamics, and variability.

According to Javier Ulecia and Miguel del Cañizo, Founding Partners of Bullnet Capital,

“Advanced technology can change the world just by finding the missing piece. Anyverse™’s approach to synthetic data is one step ahead and closer to solving the data gap in machine perception.”

Ignacio Fonts, Managing Partner of Inveready

“Anyverse™ makes a fundamental contribution to accelerating the development of autonomous driving, one of the big technological challenges of this century”.

We are excited about the future and keep working full force in these difficult times. Synthetic Data has no limits, and customization in our approach is key to making machine perception real.

About Anyverse™

Anyverse™ helps you continuously improve your deep learning perception models to reduce your system’s time to market applying new software 2.0 processes. Our synthetic data production platform allows us to provide high-fidelity accurate and balanced datasets. Along with a data-driven iterative process, we can help you reach the required model performance.

With Anyverse™ you can accurately simulate any camera sensor and help you decide which one will perform better with your perception system. No more complex and expensive experiments with real devices, thanks to our state-of-the-art photometric pipeline.

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