Anyverse will be at AutoSens Brussels 2021

Anyverse™ will be at AutoSens Brussels 2021, and you?


Anyverse™ will be at AutoSens Brussels 2021, and you?

Save the date! This September 15-16, 2021, Anyverse™, will be at the AutoSens in Brussels! The world’s foremost meeting of automotive engineers working to improve automotive imaging and vehicle perception for production vehicles. Come and meet us at our booth to discover more about the ultimate synthetic data generation platform for autonomous vehicle developers that need advanced data solutions.

Anyverse™ takes off! - Keep your eyes wide open and meet us at our booth if you don’t want to miss what’s new

During the conference, you can find us at booth 13, where our A team – Víctor González (Founder & CEO), Javier Salado (Technical Product Manager) and David Dopico (Business Development Manager) – will be pleased to discuss the data challenges you face, specifically, for the AI-based perception systems developed in the autonomous vehicles industry. They will introduce you to Anyverse™’s synthetic data generation platform to tackle them.

Anyverse™ empowers you to procedurally generate the synthetic dataset you need to train, validate and test your perception system’s deep learning model. It is based on a cloud architecture providing unparalleled computing power to generate as many images as you need at a fraction of the time and cost of real-world images. For every sample, Anyverse™ ‘s platform will generate a completely different new scene by applying your defined variability and render a sample as a shot taken from your camera rigging.

One of the greatest challenges to develop accurate autonomous vehicle systems is the lack of sufficient and heterogeneous data to train the deep learning models making the decisions behind the scenes. Data is critical to develop accurate and unbiased systems, and Anyverse's platform is the answer to that challenge.

About AutoSens Brussels

AutoSens is the world’s leading community for ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology development. They create best-in-class events, training, information and analysis; to connect engineers and scientists across the globe. Their aim is to support and upskill the automotive engineering community in advancing safety technologies to save lives.

Are you going to miss it?

You can register here and get a special 30% discount using our unique code Anyv_guest.
In the meantime, you can drop us a message, our team will be pleased to meet you and know more about the greatest synthetic data & sensor simulation challenges your company is currently facing.

Save time & costs - Simulate sensors!

Physically-based sensor simulation to train, test, and validate your computer perception deep learning model

About Anyverse™

Anyverse™ helps you continuously improve your deep learning perception models to reduce your system’s time to market applying new software 2.0 processes. Our synthetic data production platform allows us to provide high-fidelity accurate and balanced datasets. Along with a data-driven iterative process, we can help you reach the required model performance.

With Anyverse™ you can accurately simulate any camera sensor and help you decide which one will perform better with your perception system. No more complex and expensive experiments with real devices, thanks to our state-of-the-art photometric pipeline.

Need to know more?

Come visit our booth during the event, our website anytime, our Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter social media profiles.

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