Tech AD Berlin 2021 - Anyverse

Tech.AD Berlin – Anyverse™ showcases its Synthetic Data solution


Tech.AD Berlin - Anyverse™ showcases its synthetic data solution for advanced perception systems

This July 1-2, 2021, Anyverse™, will be at the Tech.AD conference in Berlin! The conference is Europe’s leading technical autonomous vehicle L4+ development conference for the automotive industry. Come and meet us at our booth, or online, and learn more about the most accurate and comprehensive synthetic data solution for advanced perception systems.

Meet us at booth 11

During the conference, you can find us at booth 11, where our fantastic team – Javier Salado and David Dopico – will be pleased to tell you about how Anyverse™ solution generates high-value synthetic datasets for autonomous vehicles & ADAS among other use-cases.

Anyverse™ will present an innovative camera sensor simulation pipeline that recreates the physics of real camera sensors in the treatment of light coming from a synthetic scenario. We render any scenario with our physics-based render engine that manages all the light spectral information to accurately simulate the sensor. This combination produces images very close to what a real camera would capture, no more costly real-world experiments to try new sensors.

Still testing sensors in the real world? Save time and costs simulating and testing different sensors and configurations

About Tech.AD Berlin

Tech.AD is Europe’s leading technical autonomous vehicle L4+ R&D conference for the entire automotive industry. With a hybrid format, both live in Berlin and online, the 2021 edition brings together more than 400 top industry machine learning, neural networks & perception experts & decision-makers.

Did this sound good to you?

You can register here or drop us a message, our team will be pleased to meet you and know more about the greatest synthetic data & sensor simulation challenges your company is currently facing.

About Anyverse™

Anyverse™ helps you continuously improve your deep learning perception models to reduce your system’s time to market applying new software 2.0 processes. Our synthetic data production platform allows us to provide high-fidelity accurate and balanced datasets. Along with a data-driven iterative process, we can help you reach the required model performance.

With Anyverse™ you can accurately simulate any camera sensor and help you decide which one will perform better with your perception system. No more complex and expensive experiments with real devices, thanks to our state-of-the-art photometric pipeline.

Need to know more?

Come visit our booth during the event, our website anytime, our Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter social media profiles.

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