Tesla AI Day

Tesla bets on the physically correct synthetic data at its AI Day


Tesla bets on the physically correct synthetic data at its AI Day

A couple of weeks ago, Tesla celebrated its AI Day, led by Elon himself along with Tesla’s  Head of AI, Andrej Karpathy, and other engineers from the software and hardware teams.

Their “sole goal” was persuading experts in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence to come work at Tesla. But this event was much more than that and many of us were amazed by how Tesla is solving computer vision problems, and more specifically, how they generate training data for their car’s autopilot system.

Training a full self-driving A.I. system requires data, a lot of data… If there is anything Tesla has, it’s data, a lot of data collected directly from the thousands of cars they have sold and are cruising the roads every day. However they couldn’t use these raw images directly to train their AI models, so they developed more AI models to auto-tag the raw images. But still, that wasn’t enough, comes simulation to create realistic faithful synthetic images to complement the real-world data.
Check the video to have a full explanation of how Tesla is using synthetic data to train their autopilot system. If you have time to spare, we suggest you watch the whole video to have a good understanding of their vision system architecture and more. Every minute is worth it.
Of course, they have built their own simulation and synthetic data generation stack, but if you don’t have Tesla’s deep pockets nor the amounts of real-world data you need to train your vision system, Anyverse Synthetic Data Generation Platform can fill that gap for you.
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