The Solution

ANYVERSE is a breakthrough synthetic data solution for AD/ADAS Perception.

Our models


The ANYVERSE software platform offers a scalable, cloud-based, high-fidelity synthetic dataset production environment. This model allows you to manage the data production process and integrate the solution in your Perception training pipeline. 


ANYVERSE engineers can team up with your machine learning, perception or simulation experts to configure the ANYVERSE solution based on your specifications (scene features, environment, camera specs) and produce the datasets need.


Rich 3D Scene Generation

Datasets are composed of sequences of color images captured by single or multiple sensors. All images include corresponding annotation files and metadata channels. 


Define multiple cameras according to their relative position. A physics-based camera model allows you to set the lens (fisheye, pinhole, 360, custom), sensor response,  scattering effects, noise, etc. 

Channels / 3D information

Datasets come with automatic generation of metadata channels including depth, object ID, material ID, instance ID, 3D motion vectors, surface normals, roughness, 3D positions, and radiance.

Light Variations

Get unlimited variations of lighting conditions at minimum cost without re-rendering. Variations include sun position, skylight intensity, artificial light intensity, and less scattering. 


Control numerous environment settings and atmospheric effects to prepare the perception model for dazzling fog, heavy rain, snowy or icy environments.

Cloud Scalability

ANYVERSE is a cloud solution accessible through a user-friendly web-based front end. The design allows you to set up and scale the dataset production process in minutes without the need for complex hardware. 

Image Segmentation

Every image comes with segmentation data, including semantic, instance and rectangle segmentation at pixel level. More than 40 semantic classes are defined.

Annotation Files

Annotated data available in json, xml and Google protocol buffer formats. Associated metadata such as time of the day, weather conditions, camera parameters, etc. is also included.

Video Sequences

Produce dynamic video sequences according to predefined paths and time settings.