Crafting synthetic data to train top-performing in-cabin monitoring systems

Crafting synthetic data to train top-performing in-cabin monitoring systems


Crafting the right synthetic data to train top-performing in-cabin monitoring systems

DMS, OMS, HMI… We are heading 2022 and there is no doubt that interior sensing applications are rising exponentially, and they will continue to do so in the coming months.

This premise led Anyverse™ to perform a live session last week and throw some light on this hot topic because there is also no doubt now that synthetic data is needed to train an accurate in-cabin monitoring system.

Why does developing accurate in-cabin monitoring systems require specific data generation technology?

Privacy issues and children rights, inaccurate data, lack of variability… There are important barriers developers need to overcome in order to train their deep learning models and real-world data is not always an option.

In this session, Javier Salado, Technical Product Manager at Anyverse™ will walk you through all the great challenges manufacturers are facing when developing in-cabin monitoring systems, how to overcome them, and how to train their deep learning models with high-quality hyperspectral synthetic data to reach their purpose: develop an accurate in-cabin monitoring system.

About the speaker:

Javier Salado is Technical Product Manager at Anyverse. He has over 30 years of experience in software development and systems integration, highlighting his time at HP and more recently at Samsung Research where he applied his experience in deep learning-related projects. He is Anyverse's product technical expert and point of contact for applications such as sensor simulation or deep learning training using advanced hyperspectral synthetic data.

About Anyverse™

Anyverse™ helps you continuously improve your deep learning perception models to reduce your system’s time to market applying new software 2.0 processes. Our hyperspectral synthetic data production platform allows us to provide high-fidelity accurate and balanced datasets. Along with a data-driven iterative process, we can help you reach the required model performance.

With Anyverse™ you can accurately simulate any camera sensor and help you decide which one will perform better with your perception system. No more complex and expensive experiments with real devices, thanks to our state-of-the-art photometric pipeline.

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