Download Anyverse and start generating synthetic data

New pay-per-use plan, new features, and much more – Download Anyverse

AI Training, validation, fine-tuning, sensor development… whatever high-fidelity synthetic data you need for, getting started with Anyverse it is now easier than ever!

Download Anyverse and start generating synthetic data

Anyverse is a scalable synthetic data software platform to design, train, validate, or fine-tune advanced perception systems based on AI/ML. It provides the power to generate all the data you need in a fraction of the time and cost compared with other real-world data workflows, and now is available to download at no cost!

Our new pay-per-use plan lets you create up to 1,000 HD images for free, and you’ll be able to procure additional production capacity on the go just when you need it.

Keep reading to know more and discover all the news!

New subscription plans


Pay-per-use plan

The Standard plan is the new pay-per-use plan of Anyverse. Download the platform, get started with up to 1000 free HD images, and get more on the go whenever you need them.

This plan gives you access to all the features of the platform. It allows you to design, configure sensor parameters, iterate, and export datasets for different use cases. The user will also have access to the new library of tutorials and resources to start working from predefined workspaces ready to generate data for the most demanded use cases.

Standard main features include:

  • Anyverse™ Studio – Anyverse™ Studio is our standalone graphical interface application that manages all Anyverse functions, including scenario definition, variability settings, behaviors settings, dataset generation, and dataset inspection (data is stored in the cloud).

  • Access to all Anyverse’s educational resources – The users will have access to a library of platform tutorials, Add-ons, and support materials about the platform.

  • Built-in assets library – Anyverse brings a built-in assets library including all kinds of assets and objects ready to populate any scenario for a variety of use cases. All of them are classified (including materials) and categorized for easy and intuitive management.

  • 1 free GigaPixel to produce data – The GigaPixel is the unit of measurement for producing synthetic data with Anyverse and corresponds to approximately 1000 images in HD resolution. Each time an image is produced, the corresponding pixels are deducted. You can purchase additional Gigapixels to increase your production capacity.

  • 90 days of storage time – Enjoy up to 90 days to store your dataset free of charge. You can extend your storage time at any time if you wish.

Get started with Anyverse Standard >


Custom advanced plan

The premium plan has been designed for organizations that require a customized plan with advanced options and 100% tailored to the specifications of their projects and the engineers who work on them.

Among many other customizable options, Premium allows organizations to extend their production power and storage, and access advanced dashboard options to manage their users, teams, and data production stats.

Premium includes all Standard features, additional benefits such as an exclusive discount on GigaPixel volume, and allows the user to choose the add-ons they require and define the perfect plan to meet their organization’s needs:

  • Additional production nodes – Add production nodes and extend your account production power (permanently or temporarily, depending on your project’s demands) to meet your project deadlines and fasten your data production times 2x, 5x, or 10x. You choose.

  • Extended data storage time – The most complex projects can take time, but with Premium, this will never be a problem. The user has the power to define their storage limits.

  • Premium onboarding – This advanced plan includes onboarding and initial configuration of the project given by our specialized team.

  • Premium account support – The same Support team who led the onboarding will provide premium support to the account during the following steps of configuration and development of their project.

  • Priority access to new features – Premium users have early access to new technology features.

Contact Sales to configure your Anyverse Premium plan >

New Professional data services

The new professional data services arrive in Anyverse’s portfolio to meet the specific needs our clients often have regardless of the subscription plan they have selected.

Among others, professional data services include: 

  • Jump in starter service 
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Training workshop
  • Data production
  • Asset customization
  • Scenario customization

Depending on the nature of the services that the client requires and having made a prior evaluation, these may be delivered by either Anyverse or by one of our trusted partners.

The different services can be combined with each other and complement the customer’s subscription. 

Contact Sales to know more about the new data services >

New preset workspaces and tutorials

Anyverse is an advanced synthetic data generation platform that gives the user almost endless possibilities to generate custom datasets with a very high level of detail. That’s why, we have just launched new predefined workspaces and tutorials on specific typical use cases to facilitate access and familiarization with the platform.

Anyverse platform tutorials - Download Anyverse

Screenshots taken from actual tutorials

  • New Anyverse add-ons – These are great starting points for more advanced users to generate datasets for specific use cases. Each one is a set of packaged resources: a predefined workspace, a Python library with utilities, and an example on-begin-iteration script to generate datasets.

    In-cabin monitoring add-on
In cabin monitoring add on - Download Anyverse

Screenshots taken from actual add-on support documentation

Access and play around with the new workspaces and tutorials today from the Anyverse Studio home screen (if you have already downloaded the platform), or the Anyverse Knowledge Base. We will be updating this list of tutorials and resources regularly, do not forget to check them from time to time.

Generating synthetic data is now easier than ever

We strive to put the user at the center of the experience. Our social and contact channels are open and we will be delighted to hear your comments and suggestions about your experience with the platform.

Keep an eye on our channels, we are working on more new exciting stuff for you.

Welcome to the new Anyverse!

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