How Intel enhanced photorealism using machine learning techniques

Enhancing photorealism has obsessed the computer graphics world for years which has allowed us to see numerous papers, experiments, and even tricks to improve it in recent times. Some of them achieved remarkable results, as Intel Labs did with its machine learning project Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement.

Tesla bets on the physically correct synthetic data at its AI Day

A couple of weeks ago, Tesla celebrated its AI Day, led by Elon himself along with Tesla’s Head of AI,Andrej Karpathy and other engineers from the software and hardware teams. Their “sole goal” was persuading experts in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence to come work at Tesla. But this event was much more than that and many of us were amazed by how Tesla is solving computer vision problems, and more specifically, how they generate training data for their car’s autopilot system.

Let's talk about synthetic data!

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