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Our Use Cases

In reality, there is an infinite list of possible ANYVERSE use cases. Our high-fidelity data solution can be included in all machine-perception training and testing. This is especially true in the case of missing light or weather and environmental-specific data. We can simulate any scenario with accuracy to achieve photorealistic and physically-correct datasets that consequently improve confidence levels. 
So far we have developed a number of different datasets for customers focused mainly on outdoor scenarios and urban settings (but there are more!). 
Here is a sample of the ANYVERSE use cases. 
Night Conditions

Night Conditions

Detection of pedestrians at night. For an AV Startup.

Parking Use Case - Sensors

Parking Spaces

Detection of empty spaces in parking lots for ADAS. For a Tier 1 Supplier.

Yello Traffic Lights

Yellow Traffic Lights

Classification and detection of yellow traffic lights. For an Automotive Manufacturer.


Detection of vehicles and pedestrians. For an AV company.



High-speed traffic on a highway. For an AV company.

City Drones

Detection of UAV in urban environments. For a Research Institute.

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