Develop accurate AI for inspection and defect detection with synthetic data

Generate synthetic data according to your inspection deep learning model requirements with perfect annotations
and automatic defect labeling to save time and resources.

Build more accurate deep learning-based
visual inspection systems

Developing visual inspection solutions capable of finding complex defects that are often missed by human inspectors is easier with the right data. Anyverse™ offers you the technology to make your deep learning-based visual inspection systems capable of detecting defects more accurately.

Generate different types of defects depending on your industry and targets (scratch, crack, dirt, dent, leak, and more) for defect classification, or shape check for example.

Generate the right data for each inspection case

Recreate any scenario to improve your system’s automatic defect detection capacity:

Advantages of developing your visual
inspection system with Anyverse™

Generate 3D pixel-accurate data with ground truth and reduce deployment times thanks to:


The platform to control the entire data generation process


Hyperspectral accuracy to simulate any terrain.

Faithfull sensor simulation

Simulate the specific sensors your system is using in the real world (cameras, LiDAR, and more).

Modular platform

Flexibility to build your data generation ecosystem.

Control of variability

Variability to avoid bias in your system.

Cloud scalability

In data generation.

Rich ground-truth data

Perfect annotations, depth, segmentation, and more.

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