Why do you need Hyperspectral Synthetic Data?

Why do you need Hyperspectral Synthetic Data?

Real world details are infinite. When generating synthetic images simulating cameras, we need to be able to reproduce and capture as many details as possible from a computer generated 3D world as we would capture using real cameras in the real world. Don’t forget that, at the end of the day, the perception systems will use real cameras (and other sensors). Those details that we need to generate more faithfull images to feed our perception brain is what we call hyperspectral data.

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Flexible camera positioning for driver monitoring simulation

Traditionally, if we can use that term to talk about technology as recent as in-cabin and driver monitoring systems, camera positioning has been bound above the dashboard and the center stack. But, are these camera placements optimal? Are these able to faithfully monitor the other occupants as well and not just the driver? Why stick to only these positions? Opening the door to simulation can help optimize the system without wasting budget, but let’s start from the beginning.

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